i-to-i TEFL e-learning

A Moodle platform with ecommerce attributes, including an e-resume system for applications, for 60,000 users. i-to-i is one of the world’s leading providers of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) courses, with 155,000 qualified teachers worldwide and over 20 years experience in the international teaching field.

For their online teaching, i-to-i reached out to Webanywhere to update their eLearning platform that supported the blended learning techniques in their TEFL courses, as well as provide aspiring teachers with practical classroom management training. The platform needed to be able to support over 60,000 users, alongside a flexible backend and the ability to support interactive content.

As well as acting as a teaching tool, the platform includes an eResume for every registered user, allowing them to build a TEFL CV that tracks their progress through the online courses and adds crucial details such as contact information and references.

The system also needed to allow a single user sign on, meaning that users who were signed into i-to-i’s ecommerce and CRM platforms could use the same login to gain access to the eLearning.


Key Benefits

  • Fully interactive online learning, with video, SCORM and audio content.

  • eResume built into system to provide users with an automatically updated achievement area.

  • Integration with ecommerce platform, allowing users to purchase more courses.

  • Fully compatible with Mobile and Tablet.

  • Organise and arrange Face to Face training via the system.

  • Built in Course Creator Templates.


Key Facts:

  • Over 60,000 users worldwide.

  • 24/7 access to courses