South Charnwood High School

South Charnwood High School Bespoke Website

With 81% of people conducting their initial research online (SocialTimes), everybody needs a clear and informative website. As edtech specialists, Webanywhere can make that happen.

The School

South Charnwood High School is a mixed academy school located between the villages of Markfield and Thornton in Leicestershire, England. They admit mixed-ability students aged 11-16 and have 719 students on roll. They have been happy Webanywhere customers since 2012.


The Problem

South Charnwood didn’t have a website, and wanted one that was simple and easy-to-use, for a low price.


The Solution

South Charnwood met with one of our friendly advisers to discuss our products and decided that ours was the most cost-effective. The Webanywhere team created a bespoke website for the school, with a simple interface which meant they could manage the website themselves.


What South Charnwood High School had to say

“We are really happy with the service provided by Webanywhere. The website is simple and easily managed, and the staff are really helpful. We’re delighted with the product.”


Why Webanywhere?

“While we were searching for a website provider, we looked at numerous competitors but decided to go with Webanywhere because the website was both cost-effective and allowed me to easily make changes myself. Contacting support for help was another link in the updating chain that I could do without! I can quickly update dates, vacancies, as well as upload newsletters. It has a very simple interface and I can make changes from anywhere at anytime. It is a very flexible and easy-to-manage solution.


Success Story

In March, students from South Charnwood High School and local feeder primaries spent all day creating exciting content in their mock newsroom. The event was part of the BBC School report initiative, and the pupils spent the day reporting on issues important to the school and wider community. The day was a great success and their work received a lot of attention after it was placed on their Webanywhere hosted website.