Meols Cop High School

Meols Cop High School Bespoke Website and Moodle Sims Integration

The appearance of your website can have a huge impact on the traffic it receives. Improve your user experience with a bespoke and easy-to-use website from Webanywhere.

The School

Meols Cop High School is a mixed 11-16 comprehensive school based in Southport, Merseyside. They have been loyal subscribers to Webanywhere products since 2013.


The Problem

The school were unhappy with their previous website, feeling that it lacked dynamism and didn’t contain enough images. They wanted a new website that matched the merit of the school and showcased their hard work and achievements.  


The Solution

After speaking with their local representative, Webanywhere created a bespoke website for the school, designing it in a way that promoted user interactivity, and included a wide variety of images as they requested. As Moodle customers, their modules were integrated into the site, creating a harmonious user experience and allowing all updates to be made instantly across the entire platform. This meant that they didn’t have to learn how to use two different systems, and could instead access and update their site immediately.


What Meols Cop High School had to say

“We are really happy with the website and the ongoing support we have received. We got exactly what we were looking for and the staff have been great.” - Allan Deborde, Network Manager


Why Webanywhere?

“We were already customers of Webanywhere when we decided to contact them about a new website. We had a subscription to their Moodle MIS integration solution, which had been great in reducing our administrative workload and keeping our records consistently up-to-date. The fact that the Moodle module could be integrated with the new website was also really useful in furthering these time saving features. We also further benefitted from the ongoing support and bespoke design offered by Webanywhere when using the site, as it makes it much easier and faster to solve any queries or issues.” - Allan Deborde, Network Manager


Success Story

Using their new website, Meols Cop High School documented the highly anticipated visit of The Pearl of Africa children’s choir, who were visiting the U.K. for three months earlier this year. The choir were performing in various venues across England in order to raise money and awareness for the Molly and Paul Foundation, which aims to provide homes and schools for children in Uganda. Moels Cop High School were able to present them with a generous cheque for £1,546.74, thanks to their remarkable fundraising efforts. This amazing experience was featured on their website, using various images and blog posts in order to effectively advocate for the charity.