Patcham Infant School

Patcham Infant School Jotter Website

As more and more information moves online, it is vital for schools to have control over their online presence. But because of rapid digital advancement, a website can be difficult to produce and maintain for already busy professionals. That’s where Webanywhere comes in: let us take care of the difficult part, so that you can focus on what really matters - your content.

The School

Patcham Infant School is a Green Flag Award winning school located in North Brighton. They teach around 300 students aged 3-7, and Webanywhere have been providing them with market-leading products since July 2016.


The Problem

Patcham Infant School had a website but little control over it. Because it was operated by one person remotely, it was hard for them to make updates to its appearance and content. This caused problems, as it prevented them from being able to quickly provide updates and information to parents, which was why they decided to get in touch with Webanywhere.


The Solution

After a consultation with Webanywhere, Patcham Infant School staff shared their vision for their website design and layout with our experienced staff before working on their content. Webanywhere were able to provide effective support, teaching the school how to navigate the website and make any updates themselves, finally allowing them the digital control they desired. Now able to impart their personality and ethos onto the website, it is a successful way for the school to keep in touch with parents and convey the message of the school.


What Patcham Infant School had to say

“We were having problems because our website was operated by one person remotely, and we had no control over our website! Webanywhere have now provided us with a fantastic new site that is easy to use and maintain, and now our diary can be easily updated and amended. We are really happy with the service that Webanywhere has provided.” - Amanda, Assistant to the HT


Why Webanywhere?

“We chose Webanywhere because they were recommended to us by other schools in the area. We needed a new website quickly, and wanted to have more control over our layout and content. Because Webanywhere host the site, we receive continuous support, and finally have the control we need. The site is also really easy to use - even for me - so I can quickly update the diary with no problems at all. We’re very happy with the product.” - Amanda, Assistant to the HT


Success Story

Thanks to their new website, Patcham Infant School were able to promote their Harvest Collection this October, encouraging parents and students to donate imperishables to The Brighton Food Bank. The quick and easy updates allowed them to reach out to a larger volume of people, and the collection was a roaring success, enabling the team to give out over 2000 food parcels to families and individuals living in crisis.