Drighlington Primary School

Drighlington Primary School mobile app, bespoke website, Blog, Learn, Messages, and SIMS integration.

Keeping a website updated can be one of a school’s biggest online tasks - make it easier with Webanywhere, by using our simple-to-use Jotter platform.

The School

Drighlington Primary School is a state school teaching ages 4-11 based in Bradford. They have been loyal Webanywhere customers since 2012.


The Problem

With no online presence, Drighlington wanted a new website that would help them communicate with parents and encourage interactivity amongst students.


The Solution

Webanywhere swiftly provided the school with a bespoke website that allowed them to have more control over the image and layout. It was built using our Jotter platform, meaning that it was simple and easy to manage and navigate, so the school could therefore make any updates themselves. Because of this, they were able to impart their personality on the site and could post regular news updates in order to keep parents informed and engaged. The school also later decided to add the Blog, Learn and Messages modules to their site, with the Blog feature allowing all classes and members of staff to post and interact with one another through blogging.


What Drighlington had to say

“Webanywhere and their products are amazing. They have made a huge difference in our school.” - Sue Jackson, Headteacher


Why Webanywhere?

“We were looking for a new website, and chose Webanywhere as they were nominated by local schools. We really believe in their products and find them amazing. The blog especially has made a huge difference to how we interact with parents and the children are really enthusiastic about the posts. The site is easy and simple to manage, and the staff are extremely skilled and offer great support.” - Sue Jackson, Headteacher


Success Story

One of their students was awarded the prestigious position of Leeds Children’s Mayor, which was presented to in a special ceremony at Leeds Civic Hall. She was confirmed to switch on the 2016 Leeds City Christmas lights, and thanks to their school website, Drighlington were able to showcase this amazing achievement to parents.