Eaves Primary School

Eaves Primary School Case Study

Updating websites can be a long and laborious process but with Webanywhere’s School Jotter websites, it doesn’t have to be!

The School

Eaves Primary School is a co-educational LA maintained Primary School for 234 pupils in the age range 4-11. They are based in St Helens and have been happy Webanywhere customers since 2013.


The Problem

Eaves Primary School were having trouble keeping their website up-to-date as it was difficult to navigate and the process took too long. After hearing about Webanywhere from other schools, they decided to get in touch.


The Solution

The Webanywhere team provided Eaves Primary with support in how to use the Jotter platform, and upon realising how simple it was to use, they signed up for a website. They could manage the site themselves, which saved them a lot of administration time and provided a great new way for staff to interact with parents about school activities and events.


What Eaves Primary had to say

“We’ve benefitted a lot from the new website, as it has saved us time making updates. We also get lots of site visits for information, meaning parents no longer have to get in touch with reception staff.” - Steve Coates, Eaves Primary School


Why Webanywhere?

“We were having trouble keeping our website up-to-date when Webanywhere was recommended to us by other schools. We had a look online and we liked the designs of the websites we saw. We were then shown how easy the websites were to use and we decided to sign up straight away!” - Steve Coates, Eaves Primary School


Success Story

As part of an exciting programme designed to improve resilience, fitness and teamwork, Eaves Primary were visited by the army for some military-style training. The students performed really well, and photos and information about the day were posted to their Webanywhere website for the children and their parents to enjoy.